Remember when it was 2009 and skinny jeans were the jeans? Now, it’s 2016 and everyone seems to want these loose, off-the-leg culottes. Flared jeans might even be making a comeback. Insert sad face emoji.

OK, so maybe skinny jeans weren’t always everything we could have wanted and more from a pair of jeans. Shimmying into a pair of skinnies that had just been washed was a struggle with a capital S. Let’s not even talk about the camel-toe-inducing high-waisted option.

But let’s not forget how sleek and versatile a pair of skinny black denim looks. If you were feeling lazy, you could throw on a plain T-shirt and a pair of statement sneakers. If you wanted to get dressed up, a black lace cami and skinny jeans could do the trick.

Let’s face it: everyone can pull of skinny jeans, but not everyone can pull off baggy culottes. There will always be those long ong-legged model goddesses who rock their shimmery gold culottes like no one’s business. But there will also be those, like me, who look like they forgot to change out of their pajama pants.

Once, I posted a photo on Instagram wearing a pair of black culottes. I thought I looked chic. My friend said my pants looked like “anti-joggers.” In that moment I felt sloppy, like I was anti-exercise and anti-put-together-ness.

America, let’s stop feeling un-put-together. Let’s start wearing skinny jeans again.

Here are skinny jean options that will make you want to come back to Club 2009. Let’s go back to when Lady Gaga was just becoming a household name and Panic! At the Disco had just released their second album, Pretty. Odd.