New York City’s nightlife connoisseur Vito Fun has teamed up with multi-faceted producer KOIL, known for his works with none other than Timbaland and Diddy, for a quirky new electronic release with Brooklyn Fire. Through the track “Less Talk More Art,” the two address an issue plaguing dance floors across the world. In a time when many people experience live shows through the screens of their phones, the simple and catchy one-line, paired with the fresh electronic sound, encourages people to engage, dance, and create.

The summer track is accompanied by a perfectly minimalistic, yet artistic, video reminiscent of Warhol or Lichtenstein’s 1950’s pop art. Director Kyle Walling incorporates bright pops of color with some very unexpected scenes – think plastic camel – and of course, includes mind-blowing dance moves. The video is sure to compel you to get up and get those “artistic” urges flowing.

Watch below.