Throwing convention to the wind, Ninestatesflex touch down from Japan with the Weirdos EP, one of the craziest electronic EPs you’ll hear in 2017.

Who is Ninestatesflex you ask? Ninestatesflex is the duo effort of Dirt Flare and Tiga One from Tokyo, Japan. Comprising diverse tastes from the bass and dance music worlds, their style defies genre and unapologetically explores the outer limits of cutting-edge electronic music.

Blending hip-hop samples with affinities for juke and club-styled rhythms and huge tear-out bass, Weirdos is a five-track sprint into the bizarre and turnt up. Fans of everyone from Skrillex to Teklife will find something to love here, and the EP is now available for streaming and purchase on all major distributors.

Stay tuned for more from Ninestatesflex and Sushi Records on the way soon.

Connect with Ninestatesflex: Facebook/Twitter (Dirt Flare)/Twitter(Tiga One)/SoundCloud