New York native Christian Colon, a.k.a. EXSSV, has been extremely busy lately, signing with Dim Mak, producing epic tracks for Gatorade and Spotify, and having a jam-packed tour schedule.

The young producer has been gaining momentum ever since Flosstradamus’ very own Curt Cameruci created an exclusive edit of his remix of Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle,” back in 2014.

Since then, Christian has taken off, producing some serious Noise Porn with his bass music masterpieces. With mixes on labels such as Ministry of Sound, hitting 2.2 million plays on Trap City’s Youtube Channel (with his remix of DJ Fresh & Ellie Goulding’s “Flashlight“), his first original release on Buygore (“Starstruck” with Styles&Complete) hitting over 1.8 million plays via SoundCloud, and hitting No. 3 on Beatport’s Hip Hop Chart after only 2 weeks, plus massive support from Carnage, 3LAU, Borgore, The Chainsmokers, Party Favor and Adventure Club, EXSSV is showing no signs of slowing down.

After being named by Run The Trap as one of the Top 25 Artists to Watch in 2016, EXSSV has now signed with legendary DJ Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records. His first single on the label’s New Noise imprint, “Hangover,” again went on to score the No. 3 slot on Beatport’s Hip Hop Chart.

I was able to get a quick Q&A with EXSSV regarding his early career and live, current collaborations, and some details about his introduction into the Dim Mak family. EXSSV has also released an exclusive mix just for Noiseporn. Check it out below:

When did you decide you wanted to fully pursue a career in music? 
I suppose I’ve known for a quite awhile that I was going to do something in entertainment, but the bug really hit me in high school when I started learning how to produce my own music on Fruity Loops.  Just in case anyone is wondering, I use Logic Pro now.

Growing up in New York put you in a literal hotspot of music and creativity. How did this influence your musical tastes?
New York is a living, breathing thing – it’s everything and everyone.  There is no other city in the world that I know of with this much diversity.  I’m a native Nuyorican, so I have it all within me by blood and osmosis. But, I also like to be different so I needed to go beyond the traditional danceable sounds people associate with New York such as hip-hop, house and Latin.  Once I became exposed to trap and dubstep it was a wrap.

 In 2014, you received a promising email from a member of Flosstradamus saying he had just created an exclusive edit of your remix “Wiggle.” What was your reaction when you received this email? 
In a word – shocked! Those guys were my heroes!! Receiving that kind of affirmation at that stage of my career meant absolutely everything to me and is big part of why I’m committed to this career.  I believe that when you are in sync with the universe, the universe will let you know.  I hope all of the Noiseporn fans get to have a moment like that.

Your early career showed a massive success in remixes, up until your first original release on Buygore. How did you feel when you released your first original title, “Starstruck?” 
I had sent S&C a draft of the song for some feedback, but after some discussion we decided to do it as a collab.  There’s something that happens when I collab with those guys that’s pretty satisfying musically.  I feel like we really play to each other’s strengths.  Having a release on Buygore was fun BUT seeing the song take on a life of its own was the real excitement. The song received so much support from DJs like Adventure Club, Carnage, & The Chainsmokers.  Having your friends send you videos of your first original label release being dropped on the main stage of EDC is pretty surreal.

You recently released “Upper” with Karra. What was your vision with this track?
This really hearkens back to my mixed bag of influences and just wanting to do something that sounded unique.  The thought process there was to take Karra’s gorgeous vocals and build it into something exciting and entirely unexpected. So the song goes from very melodic EDM to future bass and then to dubstep/trap and back again.  I know that’s a bit unorthodox, but in the end, as an artist, I have to do what feels right.

Recently, your track “Woo Hoo” was featured on a video regarding Spotify’s collaboration with Gatorade. Can you tell me about the production of the track? How did it feel to be featured with two legendary companies? 
The Gatorade thing was a real test of my production abilities.  Essentially, they needed me to to provide 6 originals within the span of a week. Insane, right?!  They had a very strict deadline so I literally was pumping out a song a day and then mixed everything down on the weekend. They also needed the music to be more on the housey side so this is where I dug into those NYC musical roots we talked about. I’m super proud of the work I did on the project because it really helped me prove to myself that I could produce quality stuff under those types of constraints. It’s those kinds of projects that show you what you’re made of.  With that said, I have to give a huge shout out to Lorne Padman from Dim Mak for all the amazing guidance and encouragement.

 Fitness seems to be a top priority for you. How do you manage to stay healthy while on the road? 
I equate fitness to music production – garbage in, garbage out.  Keep the junk food to a minimum and try to have as many quiet moments as possible to keep your head clear and take it all in.  As the mind goes so goes the body.

What can we expect from you now that you have signed with Dim Mak? Are there any exciting releases our tour dates we should look for? 
Well I just dropped a really fun, hard remix of Big Sean’s “Bounce Back” with my big bros Styles&Complete, but expect plenty of new originals to follow.  I’m writing everyday and I’ll be dropping much heat real soon but you’ll have to follow me @EXSSV to find out! 

Thanks for your time! We are extremely excited to hear the exclusive mix you are doing for us here at Noiseporn.
I had a lot of fun doing that for you guys.  Thank you for the opportunity!

Check out EXSSV’s exclusive mix for Noiseporn below and grab it for free download here.

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