As a full-time working makeup artist who’s spent 75 percent of the last four years indulging in nightclub and festival hedonism, going out has become a rare occasion for me nowadays. But I’m also a huge fan of Andhim. And when I saw that the German “super house” duo was going to headline at Output, I quickly cleared out my (uneventful) Saturday night schedule. I laced up my black leather Docs, chugged a Red Bull, and made my way to Williamsburg. I’m pretty sure it was my first time leaving the bubble of Manhattan in three whole weeks.

Once inside Brooklyn’s famed home of the underground, Julia Govor was already firing up the main room with supercharged techno beats that teetered somewhere between aggressive and minimal. Much like her recent set at Mixmag’s The Lab NYC, she let her mix unfold slowly and sensually, building up to powerful climaxes. The Russian DJ has made several stops within New York lately‚Äďand it’s clear why the city can’t resist her sounds.

Andhim took to the booth with their signature genre-bending beats. With ambient-flavored build-ups sandwiched between otherworldly breaks, the pair conjured images of a dance party on Mars, or perhaps an intimate desert gathering. Something about Andhim’s music is both energizing and calming, sort of like the feeling you get after a steamy session under the covers. They wove through a fierce selection of their own tunes plus many others, including tracks by up-and-coming artists like Undercatt and Dachsund. The gentlemen played well into the night, until it was finally time for me to continue my reckless 4 A.M. adventure.