Bonnaroo Music + Arts Festival has done it yet again with another stellar lineup for this year’s fest. The veteran festival held in June and based in Tennessee will again be rocking its usual assortment of musicians, art, and even comedy to over 70,000 people. This year will be headlined by some little known people such as U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Chance the Rapper, Flume, and Major Lazer.

Oh wait, they’re pretty well known? Well, enough about them. We care about the non-headliners here, the people in the back, the people with a smaller font on the poster. So here you go, 11 acts that aren’t (technically) headlining Bonnaroo that you won’t want to miss.

Crystal Castles

Eerily unique, Crystal Castles brings the darkness with haunting, shrill and almost undefinable lyrics combined with lo-fi, 8-bit-like melodic productions. The female/male duo consisting of the new female vocalist Edith Frances and producer Ethan Kath are also known for their intense live shows. BBC describes listening to their music as “being cast adrift in a vortex of deafening pain without a safety net”.


A member of mau5trap (that should hopefully be enough right there), REZZ describes her own music as dark, slow paced, hypnotic, vibey, bass heavy, and peculiar. She started DJing and producing music in high school and a few years later, she was already playing huge festivals with her productions and signature hypnotic goggles, which are sure to leave you in a daze just like the music.

San Holo

What really set off San Holo (a name that almost got him sued by Disney) was his remix of Dr. Dre’s “Next Episode,” which now has over 135 million views on YouTube. He’s a Dutch DJ, composer, musician, and record producer who’s put out music on several well-known labels, such as Spinnin’ Records and Monstercat. Before all of this though, he used to teach guitar lessons to children.


Herobust is a Brooklyn-based artist known for his next-level sound design and massive productions. His recently released Vertebreaker EP dominated the SoundCloud Dubstep and Trap charts and surpassed 1 million streams across SoundCloud and YouTube. He has been lending his DJ talents to the nation across his debut world tour and has been receiving rave reviews across every single city.  

G Jones

With heaving-hitting and bass-driven tracks, G Jones will jump on your back and weigh you down to the floor, but in a good way. Having collabs with Bassnectar, DJ Shadow, and Bleep Bloop under his belt, G Jones is making his rounds in the electronic bass game. Catch him before he blows up even more, which I’m sure will happen soon.

Royal Blood

This powerhouse duo hailing from England can do more with two instruments than one would think. Consisting of a distorted bass guitar and pounding drums, Royal Blood creates melodic riffs with emotive vocals in some sort of bluesy-garage rock style that’s pretty unforgettable.


More on the softer side of rock, Kaleo will be a good come down or chill moment in the festival. Slow builds influenced by folk and blues that end with heavier aspects give Kaleo their signature sound; their lead singer’s unique voice adds to this as well. Kaleo has become one of the finest music acts to come out of Iceland since Sigur Rós and Björk.


Featured on one of Gorillaz’ latest singles from their upcoming album, the rapper/singer/producer D.R.A.M. (Does Real Ass Music) is best known for his hit “Broccoli” feat. Lil Yachty and has a pretty unique way of delivering his words. D.R.A.M. prides himself on the breaking of the rules of traditional hip-hop and it shows.


In my opinion, singer/songwriter Gallant is reminiscent of a modern day Usher. Soulful, sexual, and passionate, he’s bound to have the ladies screaming in awe of his falsetto swagging ways. Releasing his debut album just last year and collaborating on ZHU’s Genesis Series EP in 2015, this rookie of R&B will be one to look out for in the coming years.

Jacob Collier

Just recently added to the 2017 lineup, Jacob Collier is one powerhouse to be reckoned with. Jacob is a two-time GRAMMY winning, multi-instrument playing, vocal harmonizer-inventing Quincy Jones protégé, and all of this at the tender age of 22. Yeah, you heard that right, but don’t take the music that you’ll hear of his on the Internet and compare it to what his live shows will be like. His live shows consist of super high-energy, multimedia-looping trippiness, and that’s all that I’ll give you. You need to experience it for yourself, and trust me on this one please. (I’ve heard he’s even better on some illicit hallucinogens.) I can definitely say that he changed my life and that he will change yours too.


Formerly known as The Eden Project, this 21-year-old producer is a unique artist that breaks the conventions of typical electronic music. Jonathon Ng of EDEN fuses elements of indie and pop music with heartfelt vocals into a dark genre that is unforgettable, especially in a live setting where he can fully reveal the extent of his talents.