Sir Mix-a-lot’s 1992 release “Baby Got Back” monopolized on curvaceous cabooses everywhere! Nowadays, delectable derrière tunes are a dime a dozen: Diplo’s “Express Yourself” (feat. Nicky da B), Tujamo’s “Booty Bounce” or Borgore’s “Booty Monsta.” San Francisco born HVRCRFT injects the bay’s bumpin’ flair into his debut track “Big Booty (feat. Too $hort).” West coast hip hop percolates thumping tempos and hyperactive BPMs.

HVRCRFT mixes a badonkadonk bouncing cocktail consisting of hyphy, trap, house and club music. Brisk drum rolls escort Oakland hero Too $hort’s words, “Tryin’ to get some action. I’m feeling that physical attraction. She gonna give me some ass. When I turn into a DJ, make that back spin.” Endorsed by Thrive Music (formerly Thrive Records), Dj Spair, Jayceeoh and Girl 6, HVRCRFT ’bout to blow the whistle.

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