In creative industries, there are two types of viral growth. The first is well thought out and planned; marketing, branding, and advertising agencies strategically create a plan for content to grow at a crazy rate. Most of the time, these campaigns do not reach the audience that creators hoped for. The second method is simple; the content appeals to the perfect audience at the perfect time. The music is shared and grows rapidly throughout the Internet. Although this approach is unpredictable and extremely rare, it is how Vallis Alps got their big break.

We had a chance to sit down with David from Vallis Alps and hear this story from his perspective at the most recent Music Producers Club in New York City. He additionally talked about how their fanbase allows for the group to remain independent, as opposed to signing with a record label. He discussed the pros and cons behind making this decision, at a time where not instantly signing to a major label is an emerging trend.

Finally, David discussed the creative journey behind their new track, “East” from their most recent EP. Take a listen to the full audio recording from the most recent Music Producers Club masterclass with Vallis Alps below.