It was the night before Thanksgiving. Continuing with the long weekend of gluttony, I went to Miami’s Club Space to see Luciano. It was a special “Magik Wednesday” set for all those that wanted a couple hours to party before chatting with distant relatives.

Miami’s resident DJs Naufeer and Danyelino took turns warming up the luscious Space Terrace for a funky, mystical fiesta by Luciano. The Swiss-Chillean DJ took the deck at 3 a.m.. The second his set started, you knew it was going to be a magical evening. Luciano took the crowd on a journey full of maracas, hi-hats, bass, and tapper delay.

This is a DJ who has such a unique style, that he is a simply must see. Luciano’s ability to perfectly blend four tracks into one hegemony is something unparalleled to a majority of DJs and something I deemed “Un-Shazam-able.” He played his nostalgic tracks and newer songs from his label, Cadenza, such as Pablo Cahn’s “Soul Rain.” He never lost his smile and his charisma flourished on stage.

The early morning sun was beginning to creep up through the skyscrapers. The sounds of electronica-jazz were rustling out of the speakers, like a techno fan’s version of waking up to church bells. To think that some grandmas were just waking up to start baking, Club Space was never losing the beat.

It’s a beautiful feeling knowing that for those who may not have their families around can come to a place like Space and feel as if they have a very bohemian family. When I left, Luciano did not seem to be slowing down one bit nor did the audience want him to. The terrance was still going strong all while being decorated with disco balls, plants, and dreamcatchers. Luciano played heavier than I last remembered, toying with a balearic sound that Miami was oh so thankful for.